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Mission 2 : Breaching the PerimeterEdit

Using the Power of the Mark, you must fight back against Hessian Services - before they strike again.


At the beginning of this level the player should jump down to find an Artifact waiting for them on ground level. Afterwards, proceed up the right wall and move forward through the laser system. Your goal is to throw darts at the electrical boxes. This will shut the lasers down, allowing the player to proceed. Tripping the alarm doesn't necessarily mean death, but you will suffer a penalty and be shot at by turrets and any enemies in the area. Hitting the electrical boxes causes fairly large sound to be given off. This is something to keep in mind if enemies are nearby.

Lasers will play a large part in this level. If your progress has been stopped due to them, make sure to survey the area for possible alternate routes, electrical boxes or even enemies whom you can drag through them to shut them off. Take note of the type of laser you are near as well. Thin lasers are used for detection. They will often times sweep an area and upon being triggered will sound an alarm, sometimes even releasing automated turrets. The larger lasers are deadly, and will kill the player upon contact.


Reach The Transformer in under a minuteEdit

Your first objective also is part of a seal. Upon seeing the objective on screen, the player will have 1 minute to reach the transformer. Your goal then, should be to make your way through this area as fast as possible without worrying about killing enemies. This is best done with the grapling hook. It will allow quick movement through the area while causing the least amount of noise. A few kills may be necessary, but don't get carried away, a minute can pass quickly.

Reach the top of the tower without being detectedEdit

Seal Type: Stealth

Caution is your ally during this. The lights will remain off for a short time upon reaching each new floor. This is your chance to remove as many obstacles as possible, or to move quickly through the poorly lit rooms, avoiding confrontation. Whatever your approach, make sure to stay out of the lights. If by some bad luck your character is seen, simply pause and restart at the nearest checkpoint. This is usually far enough back so that it will reset the objective and you can try again. Remember that simply killing your enemies in this section may not cut it. Bodies left laying around may be spotted, so be sure to hide any bodies, or simply kill all the enemies to avoid this happening.

Destroy at least 20 lightsEdit

Seal Type: Combat

This seal is fairly easy so long as you are aware of who is around the light source. The best way to do this is to clear an area, then go back through and smash all the lights. If you start shattering lights without knowing what is ahead, you may accidently alert a guard which can have deadly effects on your character. Don't worry if you have to walk past a light or two, there are more than 20 in the level, so not all of them that you come across must be destroyed.

Score MedalsEdit

  • 0
  • 9500
  • 21000

Mission 3 : The Trail of ShadowEdit

You made it into the complex - now you must locate Karajan. At the start of the level, Ora will teach the Ninja the "dangle" move, even though this move has been available since the beginning of the game.


At the start of the level, Ora will teach the Ninja the "dangle" move, even though this move has been available since the beginning of the game. This move becomes more important as the game progresses, so make sure to keep it in your mind when approaching a new puzzle. The beginning of the level is fairly straight forward. Most of the enemies can be avoided, if you so wish, but taking them out may also be necessary to complete one of the seals.

After a short time you will encounter a new enemy. These guys are a bit bigger and carry a large shield that makes them invulnerable to frontal attacks. As a ninja, straight up frontal attacks aren't something you should be doing in the first place, so these guys won't prove much of an issue. Backstabs and other types of stealth kills will dispatch them in one blow.


Access the Communications Tower Without Being DetectedEdit

Your first seal is a bit tricky. Getting to the top of the tower can involve a little trial and error. Once again, if you are caught, it is best to simply restart at your last checkpoint. The best way to tackle this area, is to proceed down to the bottom floor. Move along this path to the right, clearing it of enemies along the way. Once at the end, proceed up, kill the large guard from behind and continue left. This now places you behind nearly all the other guards, so they can be easily killed.

The top of the tower is where it gets complicated. The guard on the left is easily killed, but the two on the right are in light, and facing each other. Distracting them can work, but it is simply easier to avoid them all together. The light that shines over the vent, will move off it for about 2 seconds. This is enough time for your character to get ontop of it, then hop inside. Once inside, simply graple downwards, throw a dart into the electrical box and activate the communications station.

Kill Six of the Courier's GuardsEdit

The six guards needed for this seal are located during the section where the player is stealthfully following the courier. The guards are not tough to find, the problem lies in killing them quickly. If the courier gets to far away your objective will fail. The best thing to do is follow beneath/behind the courier and the moment he switches guards, the player can pop up behind one, kill him, then duck back into their hiding place and carry on following the courier. 

Fill Five Dumpsters With Dispatched GuardsEdit

This seal is quite easy. As you travel through the level be on the lookout for large dumpsters in the backround. Normally you can hide behind them for cover, but if you bring a body over, your ninja will toss it into the dumpster. There are only 5 on the level, so it is necessary to fill each one you come across. Enemies are never far away, at most the player will need to drag one for 5 seconds to get the body to a dumpster.

Mission 4 : A Change in CourseEdit


Search the basement Edit

Head left and down into the building. There's a new ninja tool waiting down there - spike mines, but also a new obstacle - movement sensors.

Find a way to start a fire Edit

There's an artifact to be grabbed right at the start of this objective. At the bottom of the stairs head right into the vent.

After grabbing the artifact, proceed to the left and sneak by the motion scanner by progressing in degrees until the perch can be reached with the grapple.

The first scroll is at the ground level, directly below the perch, where the dog is patrolling.

Knock out the power boxes, kill or avoid the guards and dog, grab the scroll, and head through the vent on the left wall, into the elevator shaft.

Go through the vent at the top of the elevator shaft, into the office. Go through the office, out the door, and into the Gas Exchange via the vent underneath the stairs.

Sabotage the gas main Edit

Head down into the guarded room. There is an artifact underneath the floor to the left. Not too hard to jump down and grab when the guard's back is turned.

After grabbing the artifact, get back up on the perch, then time a jump down between the guards, and drop down underneath the stairs. Head over to the gas main and turn it on. Once its on guards will come down to investigate, so get out of there quickly, but first...

Open the vents Edit

To the right of the gas main is the elevator switch, which will need to be activated in order to reach the vents. Hit the switch then get out of there before the guards come.

Head back into the elevator shaft, which is now clear above.

There are six total vents and they are all marked on the map. Only three need to be opened to complete the objective, but opening all six will earn a seal.

The second scroll can be reached by going through the 3rd vent up (from the bottom) on the left side. This is the vent just above the small ledge where a noisemaker and spike mine can be grabbed. Use the hiding spots to avoid the lasers, then disable the power, and keep heading left and outside. Scale the outside wall and reenter through the next vent up. Remember that opening the door to the room with the lasers will make the laser shoot through the doorway, so time the entry accordingly and hurry towards the planter. Time a safe move to the next hiding spot, then into the vent in the floor to grab the scroll.

Head down into the room below, then into the room to the left, avoiding the laser and disabling the power (right above the doorway). There's an air vent underneath the security cannon.

There's an upgrade station through the vent on the left side of the elevator shaft, directly below the lasers. Upgrade as needed then grapple up to the perch directly above. The vent there leads into a room with an air vent, a guard, and a motion sensor. There's also a guard to the left through the open doorway.

The third scroll can be found in a challenge room on the right side of the elevator shaft.

Start a Fire Edit

Once three or more vents have been opened, the next save point is near the top of the elevator shaft. Head outside to the left then get to the large transformer on the rooftop. Use darts on the five cables to set it on fire.

Escape the Fire Edit

Quickly follow Ora to the right to end the level.


Terrify a guard by killing another with a spike mine Edit

Simply rig a spike mine such that a guard will walk over it in front of another guard.

Open all the gas vents Edit

During the "open the vents" objective there are six total vents that may be opened. Only three are required to complete the objective, but the additional three will earn the seal.

Kill two guards with a single chandelier Edit

Score MedalsEdit

  • 0
  • 9500
  • 21500

Mission 5 : The Fall of Hessian TowerEdit


Find Count Karajan Edit

Head right into the building. Move between hiding places to avoid the security laser. Knock out the power box above the center of the room to open the door to the next room. Once again use hiding spots to avoid the two lasers and quickly jump up to the perch and exit the vent.

Pursue Karajan Edit

The first scroll can be found in a challenge room during this objective.

Intercept Karajan Before He Gets AwayEdit

The second scroll can be found during this objective.


Terrify a guard by hanging another from a grappling point Edit

Reach the end without breaking any lights Edit

Kill Kelly without raising the alarm Edit

Score MedalsEdit

  • 0
  • 8500
  • 19000

Mission 6 : An Ancestral HomeEdit


Stealth Kill All the Guards in the Catacombs Edit

The name of this seal is pretty misleading, as this level is about finding the Catacombs, and the level ends as soon as they're found. Don't worry though, the seal can still be earned - just kill all 7 guards during the "Find a Route Under the Castle" objective. Warning: During the "Find a Route Under the Castle" objective, there is a wheel that must be turned to open a passage in the floor. Opening this passage then dropping through it will end the level. If this seal hasn't been earned yet, do not drop down there - backtrack to find the rest of the guards!The kills can be "imperfect", they just have to be stealth - unseen by the victim or other guards.

Sneak Into the Castle Without Being Detected Edit

Lure a Guard Into a Stealth Kill Using a Dead Body Edit

Score MedalsEdit

  • 0
  • 13000
  • 29000


  • Sneak past the gate
  • Search for a way into the castle
    • Disable the Power
  • Breach the castle walls

Mission 7 : Above a Bottomless ChasmEdit


Kill 3 Gasmask Guards While They Are Walking in Poison Gas Edit

Hide 3 Bodies in the Final Room Edit

Ride the Crate to the Top of the Shaft Without Getting Off Edit

Score MedalsEdit

  • 0
  • 7000
  • 15000


Find a Way to the SurfaceEdit

Mission 8 : The Inner KeepEdit


Sabotage the Helicopter Without Being Detected Edit

Terrorize a Guard Into Shooting Another Guard Edit

Kill Three Elite Guards Edit

Score MedalsEdit

  • 0
  • 14000
  • 29000

Mission 9 : A Blade at his NeckEdit

Mission 9 A Blade at His Neck - Gameplay37:44

Mission 9 A Blade at His Neck - Gameplay

Mission 10 : A Shattered StrongholdEdit

Mission 10 A Shattered Stronghold - Gameplay30:26

Mission 10 A Shattered Stronghold - Gameplay


Mission 11 : Set to FlightEdit

Mark of the Ninja - Mission 11 Set to Flight - Gameplay19:29

Mark of the Ninja - Mission 11 Set to Flight - Gameplay


Mission 12 : The ReturnEdit

Mission 12 The Return - Gameplay31:11

Mission 12 The Return - Gameplay


Final Mission : A Moonlit GardenEdit

Mission 13 A Moonlit Garden - Gameplay08:39

Mission 13 A Moonlit Garden - Gameplay

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