"These fungal spores gestate in the lungs; anyone who breathes these will suffocate in seconds, and if anything disturbs the body, the spores will rupture and spread again, and the hissing sound they make when they take root will draw in anyone who hears it."

Creates a suffocating cloud. Fallen enemies become infected and anyone who approaches will cause the spores to rupture again.

  • Silently eliminates enemies within the initial cloud.
  • Infected bodies will attract nearby guards.
  • Can eliminate multiple enemies at once in a small area.

Related AchievementsEdit

Image Name How to Unlock
Cordyceps Cordyceps Dispatch two enemies at once using a body infected with Toxic Fungus.

The Marked Ninja's Tools
Main Tools
Sword of Tetsuji - Bamboo Dart - Grappling Hook
Attack Items
Spike Mine - Hisomu Terror Dart - Caltrops - Ravenous Insects
Distraction Items
Noise Maker - Smoke Bomb - Distraction Flare - Cardboard Box
DLC Items
Dusk Moths - Fungal Spores

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